25 February, 2010

{my favorite boy at 6}

  • fascinated and a bit obsessed with Transformers

  • played "organized" basketball for the 1st time

  • your favorite parts of bb games were snack time and when it was your turn to sit out

  • still suck your thumb and walk on your tiptoes

  • sleep with T every night

  • love kindergarten and your teacher, Mrs. Ginavan

  • love to play outside

  • told me I can't smooch you in front of your friends b/c they might make fun of you

  • will still let me hug him in front of his friends

  • give the greatest hugs

  • can almost beat your sister when wrestling

  • love Jesus a lot

  • have a very generous heart

  • one of your favorite meals is cheesy meatloaf w/mashed potatoes

  • rock at MarioKart

  • kick every ones tushes at sword play on Wii Sports Resort....it's a bit humiliating

  • crack us up w/your silly sayings

  • embarrasses his sister

  • need your momma when you get hurt, are scared or sad

  • doesn't like to have "Be Neat" written on his writing papers

  • are missing your two front teeth due to a fall and having them pulled by the dentist

  • have made a ton of new friends

  • love your sister

  • cry if others are crying

  • have an ornery streak a mile wide

  • think batting your eyes and tilting your head will get you anything

  • ride your bike like a champ

  • could make friends with a tree stump

  • love to sing.....loudly

  • don't like clowns

  • can pout like nobody's business

  • are upset that you didn't feel bigger when you woke up this morning

Eli, I love being your mom! Everyday you make me laugh and learn. Your turning 6 is not only a big deal for you, it's also a big milestone for our family. No longer will any of our "babies" be able to tell their age w/just one hand. That makes my heart a little sad. I'm so proud of who you are and how you show Jesus's love to others.

You're my favorite boy ever!

22 February, 2010

{oh my heavens.....look at my girl!}

I just found this post I'd never posted from April of last year. My girl's birthday is in April, so I'm sure I was putting together a beautiful post about my most favorite girl in the whole world. But somehow I got distracted (imagine that!) and never finished after adding a few pictures.

So, enjoy these images of a time when my girl still loved the princesses, willing wore pink, didn't fuss about wearing a dress and let me put her hair in adorable braids. She still melts my heart as much today as the first time I saw her beautiful little face!