25 February, 2011

a boy turns 7

today, my favorite boy is 7!

how in the world did he go from this:

to this:

these past 7 years have been a blast w/this boy! holy cow, i love him like crazy!


you are the most fun boy to be around! you are loving, compassionate, giving, caring, kind, funny...all these wonderful qualities that I've loved watching the lord develop in you. you're also a bit of a chicken and i get such a kick out of hiding and jumping out to scare you, but you hate it and get mad for about 15 seconds before you're smiling again.

you can find something fun to do no matter where you're at...a great-grandma's 80th bday party, a wedding, a funeral, anywhere! and you always invite others to play with you! i love that you always want to stick around a movie so you can dance to the credits music...cracks me up!

you are FINALLY starting to enjoy reading! of course, you still want us to read to you. my current favorite thing to read to you is Skippyjon Jones. you love it when i use different voices and accents for the different characters. don't tell anyone, but i do too! i crack up just as much as you do when we read it together!

your love for jesus is also growing more and more each day. it melts my heart to hear you singing along w/one of your praise and worship cds while your in your room or in the playroom w/the karaoke machine. i pray that you continue to make jesus the most important in your life.

i could go on and on about all the things i love about you. but more than anything i want you to know that YOU are my favorite boy in the whole world and i love you just to pieces! i can not wait to see how you grow through your 7th year...maybe your two front teeth will come in this year!

i love you right up to the moon and back, bubba!