10 April, 2012

349 days later...

anyone out there?

so yeah, it's been 349 days since i last blogged. that's crazy! i used to get so much enjoyment from blogging, but i truly don't have time for it these days. and i miss it!

since my last post i've:
spent a summer w/cadavers
studied anatomy at my kids' summer ball games
started the physical therapist assistant program
ignored my family
ignored my friends
had 7.4 complete meltdowns
forgotten to wash someones clothes/uniform/etc a few times
conquered human physiology...ok, maybe not quite conquer
woke up to study at 4am more than ever before
consumed more chocolate while studying than i care to admit
started wearing reading glasses at night

i'm certain there's a ton more i could add to this list, but my brain is beginning to hurt just thinking about it all!

currently, musculoskeletal assessment is kicking my tail!