17 April, 2009

{again with the really}

Wondering what all this beauty is about? Welp, you guessed! More problems w/this wonderful house we're getting ready to put on the market. This time in the bathroom.

Yesterday, I got under our bathroom vanity and noticed about 1/2" of standing water. I quickly emptied the vanity, turned off the water and threw a towel in to sop up the gross water. Then I left it for my man to deal with...cuz that's how I roll! ;)

So, now we have the pleasure of replacing the vanity and counter top before the house is listed in the next week or so. Oh and you should know that we haven't gotten it replaced yet. The kids and I get to be in this house all day, with "just the one?" bathroom that now doesn't have a sink. Eli asked this morning how he was supposed to wash his hands and brush his teeth. I told him to use the bathtub. How's that for ghetto for ya? Seriously, really?!

If I pop in your thoughts anytime, please say a prayer for me. I just might lose it before we get out of this house!

Closing with this...just because it makes me smile!


Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Oh friend, when it rains, it pours. You are in my prayers. I understand the frustrations of having a house that is constantly falling apart. You are deeply in my prayers.

Jenny said...

UGH! So sorry to hear about the water and will say a prayer:)