04 September, 2009

{what is this nonsense?}

Yesterday, Sept 3rd, 2009, 15 days before my 35th birthday, I spotted the first tiny strand of oddly textured and foreign colored hair on my head. I simply could not believe that it was there...daring to show its taunting self amid my glorious muddy-hued locks. I mean, really, what did I do to deserve such a rude, premature arrival?

I'm actually quite surprised by my reaction to this new visitor. In all reality, he's been there quite some time since almost the entire 5" strand had been affected. Jerk! I was always certain that I would just accept my aging as it came and deal with it gracefully. Well, I've changed my mind! I'm not sure yet how I'll rectify this situation, but I can assure you that it will be rectified soon.

Oh and for all you "train wreck" watching, misery-of-others lovin' folks, pictures of my nemesis will not be seen on this blog...EVER! And for my real-life friends, I'm not discussing this issue.


Jenny said...

So sorry about the gray hair, but happy to see you're back to blogging! Hope things are going well in the new house ;-)

Momma Giff said...

ummm... lets just say at 24 i already had a few gray friends. stop me sometime at church and check it out, i've been taken over. i say that it's a very distinguishing look. ha!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Hahah, girl, you so crack me up! Can I just tell you that I've been "going gray" for a couple years now. Yeah, it's so bad that I HAVE to dye my hair. My whole crown gets grayish. Brutal! I blame it on the fact that I've been dying/highlighting hair since I was 13. And I'm talking blonde highlights...my hair is almost black it's so brown.

Laura Fluke said...

I had fun catching up on your blog... Best of luck on your move, and I am glad this is happening for your family!!!

JD and Jamie said...

Hey hey, look who I found!!! I've been bored and clicking on all of the blogs Tera is linked to, and viola! There you were:)

About your post...it's not a grey hair. It's a really REALLY blonde highlight;)

Christian said...

I was getting my haircut...lots of bright lights...BIG mirror...not a grey hair...but my first WRINKLe...aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

I am loving your blog, thanks for leaving a comment on mine!