27 June, 2008

Guess that object?

Tonight we saw a woman carrying something strange looking and I asked R what he thought it was. Ready for his response? He thought she was carrying CHICKENS! Now, I did have to quietly remind myself that my husband is as blind as a bad and I thought maybe his contacts had spontaneously popped out of his head. Although I wasn't exactly sure what it was, I was certain it was not chickens. When we got close enough to really see what she was carrying, I burst out laughing and could barely catch my breath. What my dear husband thought were chickens was actually a chandelier.

After the chandelier/chicken experience, we went to dinner(w/out the youngins) at Chili's. We had the absoulte worst service ever!!! R doesn't get upset about too much, but bad service just drives him crazy. Poor Ian was too busy gwaking at the girl w/the way to revealing top to worry about his other tables. He got $0.25 from us...$0.25 more than R wanted to give him.

R and I have spent the past few days working our tushes off trying to get our bedroom finished. We've ripped out carpet, put up sheetrock, added new windows, painted and are in the middle of refinishing the hardwood floor. HOLY SMOKES...this is a lot of work! There are parts of my body that I didn't even know could hurt. My hands are covered in several colors of paint, I've got a splinter inbedded in my palm and there's an air compressor in my bathroom. Do you feel sorry for me? ;) Actually, I have loved working alongside my husband these past few days. We're both on a mission to get this project finished and move on to the next thing God has planned for us. We've still got a few things to finish up in our room before we can move out of Eli's tiny room and back into ours. Thank goodness one of those things isn't installing a chicken chandelier!

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