14 September, 2008

"Those silly fish slappers!"

Me: "Eli, what is your favorite Bible story?"
Eli: "Jonah and the whale."
Me: "Tell me about it."
Eli: "So, this guy named Jonah got on a boat and fell off and a big whale ate him. Then the big whale frowed him up on the sand."
Emma(in her best big sister totally exasperated w/her little brother voice): "There's more to the story than just that Eli."
Me: "OK, Eli, why did Jonah get on the boat?"
Eli: "Well, he wasn't minding God and was going to wrong way."
Me: "What did God tell him to do?"
Emma: "God told him to go to Nineveh to tell the people about God. But Johan didn't want to go to Nineveh."
Me: "Why didn't Johan want to go to Nineveh?"
Emma: "The people of Nineveh were mean!"
Eli: "They slapped each other in the face with fishes! Mom, can you believe that? Those silly fish slappers!"
Me & Emma: LOL!
Eli: "Mom, why would they slap people in the face with fishes?"
Me: "Well honey, I don't think they really slapped people in the face with fishes. I think the Ninevites were just ugly people. They were mean to others and did things that God didn't like. The slapping with fishes was just a VeggieTale thing to show you how mean they were."
Eli: "No Mom! They really slapped people in the face with fishes and that's why Jonah didn't want to go there."
Me: "OK Eli."
Eli: "Are we almost to Mimi and Papa's yet?"

Did you know that Jonah is an asparagus? Oh, the things you can learn from VeggieTales!


Nicole said...

I read fish slappers and new right away what you were talking about. Those veggie tales movies crack me up. My kids are constantly wanting me to play the bellybutton song on youtube.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

That totally made me smile. :) What a fun little guy. Lovelovelove your new layout!! Cute!