30 March, 2009

{pray, pray, pray...}

Prayers for Stellan

Little 5 month old Stellan needs our prayers. Visit his momma's blog to find out specifically how to pray.


Jenny said...

Hey Tonya- this is Jenny from "zachsgang"- I read your wonderful comment and wanted to let you know that we live in Overland Park. If you're in the same area and would like our agents name, I would love to give it to you! As much as I complain about her, I know that she will sell our house- she KNOWS her stuff! My email address is zachsgang@yahoo.com -I love that you homeschool- wish I'd gotten on board from the beginning, but my older kids are settled now. I do often consider it for my younger ones though! I definitely have to be a strong advocate when it comes to public schools, and I sometimes think it would be easier to have them home:) Looks like we have a lot of blogs that we follow in common- I love the blog community! I will pray for you as well- hang in there. Thanks for your comment!

Jenny said...

Hey Tonya- Jenny again! Great to hear from ya, and I posted a response to you over on my blog on the chat wall;) I'm trying to use my chat wall to get it going, but not getting too much response. I get a lot of traffic on my blog, but people rarely leave comments, so I have been thrilled to hear from you!