20 July, 2009

{ask and He'll...}

When you ask God to give you patience...He won't just give you patience. He'll give you situations in which you learn patience. Really, when I've asked God for help w/something, He's never really just swooped in and solved my problem like I really want Him to. He wants me to lean on Him and not myself. He wants me to trust Him w/my future and my family. He wants me to grow more dependent on Him and less dependent on myself.
The past few months, I've been begging God to sell our house and move our family. He's sold our house and now we're waiting for Him to move us. As awesome as it's been to have our prayers answered, it's even more amazing the patience He's taught me.
I've never been a patient person...and am not claiming to have mastered it now. My natural tendency is to present God w/a detailed list of what needs to happen to ensure my request is granted. I've usually got it all figured out...or so I think. But God's ways are not my ways and His timing is not my timing. So, this chick has had to learn to be patient. I've had to give Him my anxieties and fears. I've repeated over and over again "either I trust God, or I don't"...and wholeheartedly, I do trust Him. Sometimes it just takes my brain a little while to catch up w/my heart.
I didn't totally fall apart last week when we found out that a house we all really loved and wanted was being taken off the market b/c the family decided not to move. That's huge for me! Three months ago, I would have still be a sobbing mess 4 days later.
God is working and carrying me through this time of waiting.
I'm so very thankful!

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Finding Home said...

What a great post. I'm reminded of a verse in Proverbs that says "as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the other". That's what I feel like this post has done for me. Just reading about the patience and lessons that you are learning, is sharpening me and helping me grow. I'm praying for you on the next leg of your housing journey. God has that place for your family. It is coming.