12 August, 2009

{another blog carnival}

My sweet bloggin' friend Jenny at Zach's Gang is doing all these super fun blog hops and blog carnivals this week, so since she's so cool I thought I'd copy her! ;)

This blog carnival gives you the chance to dig up an old post that is worth a re-visit. Here's one of my fave old post...enjoy!
From June 2008...
{only Eli!}
The kids and I met Rich at Taco Bell for lunch today after I picked them up from spending the morning swimming at my friend's pool. They were still in their wet suits and didn't want to change...until they got cold while we waited for Rich in Taco Bell. So, like every good mother, I got their dry clothes and told Emma to take Eli to the bathroom to change. When I turned to tell Eli to go w/his sister, I about fell out of my chair. He was standing there...in the middle of Taco Bell...NAKED!!! He decided to just go ahead and change out of his suit right there. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. He, of course, got totally embarrassed. I had to just sweep him into my arms (to try to hide his nakedness) and pull his wet swim trunks back on. It was one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me since becoming a mom. I'm sure it will be talked and laughed about for years to come! Once they both got dressed in the bathroom, Emma asked me if she ever took her clothes off in a Taco Bell. The answer to that is NO! Emma would have never dreamed of doing something like that.
For anyone who doesn't have a child like my Eli, you're probably reading this thinking how you would have just died if your kid took their clothes off in a Taco Bell. I will tell you that God has totally blessed my life w/this free-spirited little man. He is so much like me that he drives me crazy most of the time, but I couldn't love him any more if I tried.
For those of you who know Eli, you're not surprised at all!
You can view the original post here.


Mandi said...

So nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog, thought I would visit you too and laughed out loud when I read about Eli. He sounds very much like my free-spirited Connor. We tease that he is probably gonna open a nudist colony someday if he doesn't learn to like clothes any better!

Tim said...

This was HI LA RI OUS!! Oh how I love kids and the crazy things they do!

Thanks so much for playing along with Oldies but Goodies! I do hope you will share more as this was that of legends.

Love and Prayers,