06 April, 2010

{another installment of totally random tuesday}

~It's a totally windy day here in the beautiful Flint Hills.

~So windy that I've totally got wind-blown hair while sitting in my kitchen....not even kidding!

~I finally got child #2's clothes switched out, but have totally not done child #1's yet.

~I'm going to use the word "totally" and/or "total in every random thing simply b/c it makes me laugh!

~My sweet Emma is growing up so quickly and it totally makes me sad. :(

~I ate mini Robin's Eggs for breakfast b/c I totally love them!

~My hot boyfriend totally taught me how to run the lawn mower last night.

~It was a total blast....except our steep ditch totally freaks me out!

~Eli and I played baseball last night and I totally hit him w/the ball. He cried and then said he was glad that I didn't hit him in "the tenders"! I totally laughed!

~My girl is totally proving to be quite natural at sports. I love that for her!

~I want to start a garden but I totally have no clue where to begin.

~My favorite boy totally cracks me up! The other day he asked me if jet packs are real and how old he needs to be so before he can get a jet pack.

~I totally about died when I realized how much the kids' summer ball stuff cost!!!

~Totally starts to sound like it's totally not even a real word after you say it so many times!

Hope you've totally enjoyed my randomness and didn't puke from the sheer overuse of all the "totally"ness! ;)


JD and Jamie said...

...you will always be my favorite.
i liked your randoms;) *mwah*

Jules said...

Totally loved this...it made me smile.