20 March, 2010

{winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!}

The other day The Nester hosted one of her totally rockin' giveaway days. There were 27 different giveaways that were amazing. AND I WON ONE!!!!

I won a BEAUTIFUL apron made by Janet at The Empty Nest! Janet, who is just sweet as honey, makes her aprons using exquisite vintage and thrifted fabrics, trims and notions. She also has an awesome etsy shop full of her unique creations. Go check her out!

My apron is called Garden Party and boasts some beautiful embroidered hankies, lovely spring colors and gorgeous trims. Isn't she beautiful?
Doesn't her beauty just make just melt?
I believe she's gonna need a name! What shall I name her?
Thank you so much Janet! I can't wait to hold her in my hot little hands!


Candy Graber said...

Shut up! I totally forgot it was giveaway day!!!!! I am happy for you and a tad jealous!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous!! Congrats!