09 March, 2010

{totally random tuesday}

I saw on someones (totally can't remember who) blog this morning a random Tuesday thing and thought it would be rather fitting for me today as I've had nothing but random thoughts swirling around my brain the past few days....no weeks....let's make that months.

So, here goes:
*My throat is totally on fire today....hurts to swallow, talk, breathe......good times!

*The girls in my class at church totally crack me up! Some are super serious, some are ditsy, some are moody, some are so "pretty" they just can't help themselves. I love each and everyone of those girls! I'm sure it helps that they think I'm still in my 20's....god bless 'em!

*One of my favorite scenes from Friends was when Joey was eating all the jam. he had jam all over his face and Rachel rubbed his cheek and told him he was so pretty.

*I also loved when Joey talked about "it" being a moo point.....you know, it's like a cow's opinion. So stinkin' funny!

*I could quote Friends all day!

*My dog's been shut in the laundry room most of the day b/c he smells and I don't want to smell his funk.

*I've just recently started reading the Twilight series. I'm 200 pgs into new moon. Although I'm really enjoying them, I don't get the complete obsession some have with them. I don't get the whole "team Jacob vs team Edward" thing.

*I'm on "team Rich". Have you seen how hot he is?!

*I like to use "..." when I talk in real like....it makes me laugh.

*I'm also reading Beth Moore's new book So Long, Insecurity. It's VERY eye-opening. I'm beginning to think every woman I know should read it.

*I didn't know it was raining when my kids' school got out yesterday and they started to walk home in the rain. Then my sweet friend picked them up.....thanks Shana!!! I'm an awesome mom in case you were wondering.

*I wonder how long our Christmas lights are going to stay up.

*My heart is simply broken for sweet, little Layla Grace's parents, sisters and family. She's with Jesus now!

*I HATE what cancer does to families!


Lindsey said...

Love you, love your blog, love you again. :)

Thanks for your thoughts!

I could watch Friends every day, all day. Love. Them!

Jenny said...

I need to get Beth Moore's new book- but I gotta get through the bible first ;-)

I so agree with you and the cancer thing- just can't get little Layla out of my head these days (and my Jacob is just 2 days younger than she was).

I love this post idea! I always have a list of things to post about, but sometimes, I just don't feel like it!!!!!

janet said...

Congratulations Tonya!!!!! You were the winner of my couture apron! If you could e-mail me your mailing address, I will get it in the mail for you ASAP. So happy for you...it is so nice to win something, isn't it? Hope to hear from you soon.
your friend,