25 February, 2010

{my favorite boy at 6}

  • fascinated and a bit obsessed with Transformers

  • played "organized" basketball for the 1st time

  • your favorite parts of bb games were snack time and when it was your turn to sit out

  • still suck your thumb and walk on your tiptoes

  • sleep with T every night

  • love kindergarten and your teacher, Mrs. Ginavan

  • love to play outside

  • told me I can't smooch you in front of your friends b/c they might make fun of you

  • will still let me hug him in front of his friends

  • give the greatest hugs

  • can almost beat your sister when wrestling

  • love Jesus a lot

  • have a very generous heart

  • one of your favorite meals is cheesy meatloaf w/mashed potatoes

  • rock at MarioKart

  • kick every ones tushes at sword play on Wii Sports Resort....it's a bit humiliating

  • crack us up w/your silly sayings

  • embarrasses his sister

  • need your momma when you get hurt, are scared or sad

  • doesn't like to have "Be Neat" written on his writing papers

  • are missing your two front teeth due to a fall and having them pulled by the dentist

  • have made a ton of new friends

  • love your sister

  • cry if others are crying

  • have an ornery streak a mile wide

  • think batting your eyes and tilting your head will get you anything

  • ride your bike like a champ

  • could make friends with a tree stump

  • love to sing.....loudly

  • don't like clowns

  • can pout like nobody's business

  • are upset that you didn't feel bigger when you woke up this morning

Eli, I love being your mom! Everyday you make me laugh and learn. Your turning 6 is not only a big deal for you, it's also a big milestone for our family. No longer will any of our "babies" be able to tell their age w/just one hand. That makes my heart a little sad. I'm so proud of who you are and how you show Jesus's love to others.

You're my favorite boy ever!


Jenny said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!! His baby picture looks so much like him now- what a cutie he is!!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This is such a sweet list!

Happy Birthday to your big guy.

Candy Graber said...

I'm with Eli, I don't like clowns either! Happy Birthday Eli!