05 July, 2008

My husband is amazing!!!

We...or should I say Rich has been remodeling/finishing our bedroom for the past few months. He sheetrocked the walls and ceiling, sprayed a texture on the walls, painted, tore carpet out, sanded and stained the hardwood floor, installed new windows, outlets and light fixtures, etc. Tonight we were able to move our bed back into our room! I've been waiting for this day for a LONG time. Since the remodel began, we've been living in Eli's tiny room w/our big, honkin' king-sized bed. I've been crammed against the wall and have had to climb over Rich every time I have to go the bathroom during the night. BUT not anymore!!! Our room looks amazing!

You would think w/me being a photographer I would have taken before, during and after pictures...but I didn't! I'll take some pictures very soon to show you what an amazing job Rich did on our room. I'm so proud of him!

Now we...or should I say Rich...gets to start on the kitchen! ;)

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