04 July, 2008


Eli has quite a fascination w/his friend "peni"...yep, it's his penis. He is always holding it or just messing with it. We've asked him to not grab himself all the time, but he just can't help himself. This morning he's just wearing a pair of undies and a jammie shirt. I sat down to watch some Wonder Pets w/the him and he said "Mom, I'm petting Peni b/c he likes to be petted." He was actually petting his junk like you'd pet a cat. WHY??? I'm going to need some serious counseling when this kids grown!

It's a good thing Emma was born first. Eli would absolutely been an only child!


Jeano said...

Maybe the Wonder Pets gave him ideas of petting.

Erin Shipps said...

LOL!! This is funny. Boys will be boys!

LauraB said...

Holy smokes! That is HIlarious!