15 August, 2008

Come on buyers!

Our house has been on the market since last Tuesday and several people have come to look at it. A couple "nosey-neighbors"(how funny is that?!) came through on the open house night, but that's ok...maybe they know someone who wants to buy our house! ;) There are 2 more showings scheduled for tomorrow...WHOO-HOOO!

Now, when you view the pictures of the various rooms of our home, please don't come try to rub on me hoping that my "Martha Stewartishness" will rub off on you! And in answer to all your questions about how this amazing woman can keep her house so clean w/a little cyclone like Eli living beneath its roof...welp, poor Eli is learning how to survive on very few toys! The majority of his and Emma's toys are in storage. Every time they walk out of a room whether it's the bathroom or their bedroom, I ask them if that room is ready for someone to come look at it. Poor kids!

So, without further ado...here's our home:

There you have it! Who wouldn't want to buy our home? Please be praying that someone will buy it quickly!


Erin Shipps said...

TONYA!!! It is so darling. I don't see how someone wouldn't want to buy it. Was the monstrosity next door torn down? It looks so much better without it there.

Tonya said...

Thank you Erin! I hate that we've made it so beautiful only to leave it. The "fire house", as the kids call it, was torn down right before Christmas. It's crazy how much different it all looks. People have driven past our house b/c #1 they didn't recognize it w/the new paint and #2 apparently the "fire house" was a land mark.

Do you guys want to commute?! ;)

Keep praying for God to provide a home for us. We still want "the" one! ;)

Miss you!

Rich said...

nice pics babe, too bad they werent all on the website...wonder if we can link your blog pics to the home buyers site!?

cfranklin said...

The house looks amazing! Any interested buyers yet?