05 August, 2008

You have got to be kidding me.

Seriously! If I believed in luck, I'd think that I had lost my "fuzzy purple rabbits foot on a chain". If I believed in karma, I'd think that I'd done some pretty rotten stuff. If I believed in "the gods of the universe", I'd think that I had royally pissed "them" off! But I don't believe in any of those things...I believe in a God who loves me, wants what's best for me and uses life to teach me how to be more dependant upon Him. So, what was He trying to teach me today? I don't have a clue...maybe someday I will.

I got an email from paypal informing me that my account is currently inaccessible b/c they believe it may have been accessed by a third party. Accessed by a third party it has been! Someone or 3 someones has/have gotten access to my paypal account and 3 different transactions have been made. The first one is for $350, the 2nd one is for $600 and the 3rd one is for $1200. A whopping total of $2,150!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?! All 3 transactions are on "hold" w/paypal and in pending status on my bank account. When I realized all this, my heart literally stopped beating for a few seconds. I quickly called Rich...as if he could stop $2,150 worth of unauthorized paypal transactions from being withdrawn from my account. Then, I tried to call my bank. Of course, it was after 4pm and no one was around to answer the stinkin' phone. While trying to get through to my bank, I was on the paypal website trying to get a dispute filed. What a stinkin' mess!!

I did find the "names" and email address to where my $$$ was being sent. I googled one of the names and found a teen aged kid from California. After trying to find his picture on his high school's website, I decided I'd better quit looking before I did something crazy...like buying a plane ticket, flying to CA, hunting some stupid kid down and then kicking his stupid butt. I didn't think "Crazy middle-aged woman from Kansas sends California teenager to hospital with life-threatening injuries over unauthorized paypal transaction" would look good on my resume.

It just sorta feels like if something unbelievable is going to happen to somebody, it's going to happen to me. I guess I shouldn't complain too much...I haven't had to flee from my home in my nightgown while my 16 month old twins were napping due to a BAT flying around my kitchen like my dear friend Courtney has. Now that's some bad luck! Sorry Court, I just couldn't resist! ;)


Erin Shipps said...

Oh dear! Well at least they caught it and you should be able to dispute it. Look up that kid on facebook and threaten his life. lol Everything will work out but that doesn't stop it from being stressful! Love you!

Nicole said...

Stinkin teenagers! Sorry about your bad luck, I hope they will get everything figured out. Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments.

megan said...

Oooo!! I hope that they get it all straightened out! That's a lot of money!! And very stressful situation to deal with.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I think that little sailor suit was quite popular back in the day.

Jess said...

Thats scary. Hope it all ends well for you. I can't believe how easy it is for people to get your information these days. I came here through Megan's blog, hope you don't mind.