18 November, 2008

2 good-for-nothing cats for sale...don't tell the kids

In our old, old house, there are many places where little rodents can get into our basement. Much to my chagrin, we currently have a little visitor. My question to you, my faithful reader, is how in the world does a mouse survive in a home w/2 cats and a dog? This is the 1st mouse we've had since getting the cats about 2yrs ago.

I HATE mice and I HATE thinking about all the places their tiny little feet have been when I haven't been looking. Oh, it just makes my skin crawl!

I have been known to pack up the kids and leave my own home upon sight of a mouse. About 5 yrs ago, I had Jean's oldest two kiddos for the day. Mags was taking her morning nap and I started lunch...hot dogs and mac & cheese. I got Emma and Brock set up at the table and went up to get Maggie. Before I went up to get Mags, I set her hot dog on a plate on the counter to cool. When I came back downstairs, there was a stinkin' mouse nibbling on Maggie's hot dog. Seriously!!! Then, like every good parent/aunt, I proceeded to climb on a chair, call Jean and whisper that there was a mouse in my kitchen eating Maggie's hot dog while throwing gumballs at the stupid thing. My husband got home from work to find gumballs EVERYWHERE!

I'll tell you the truth, seeing these stinkin' things makes me want to cuss...A LOT! I don't think I'm going to be able to make dinner for my family tonight b/c that dang thing was on my stove. GROSS!!!!!!

Why, oh why, don't Goldy and Pablo just do their feline duty and eat the dang thing?!?


Candy Graber said...

That really stinks! I hate mice too! I will be praying for Goldie and Pablo's feline instincts to kick in soon!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Oh no....as if it was eating the hot dog!!!!!

My friend and I once had a mouse in out apartment we shared. Wouldn't you know, it was in my room when we discovered it. So there we were, making a BARRICADE with my shoes, and the garbage can, suitcases, anything (!!) to contain it. The grand plan was to put something over it to trap it and take it outside. Well, just as we got it barricaded in, it somehow escaped, climbed up on whatever was sitting in front of the bedroom door, up my purse hanging off the knob and sat proudly on the doorknob. Well, I swatted it into an awaiting garbage can and we both ran it down the road to let him go. Needless to say, he either came back or had friends bc there were a couple more later. We got booted from the place a few months later bc the lady who we were renting from thought we brought the mice home in our suitcases after we were away at a youth camp. Good grief! Good luck sister. I so don't envy you right now...

Aimee said...

Too funny! I was home with Joey last week and saw a mouse run behind our entertainment center...ugh! I grabbed a trap added some peanut butter and put it next to the entertainment center and beat on the side of the e.c. to run it out and lo and behold it worked. The little sucker found the pb and probably couldn't believe his dumb luck...until the trap closed...thenhe started running around with his head stuck in teh trap which totally freaked me out so I grabbed a small bucket to put on top of him and set the stereo speaker on it. Finally I was able to dispose of him. We caught his partner in crime the next day. Sorry, that was long!! I had a cat once who was not concerned about mice at all...I think she was as grossed out as I was and wanted nothing to do with them!