03 November, 2008

{oh, my emma}

I took Em w/me the other day to scout out some shoot locations. I can't believe how much she's grown in the last few years. She keeps telling me that she's almost as tall as me. Little does she know that her being able to say that she's taller than her 5'1" mom isn't saying much!

Enjoy these photos of my beautiful girl!


Jeano said...

Her eyes, Tonya. Her eyes.
She is so beautiful and her eyes are so full of love and compassion.
I love this girl.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

What a beautiful girl! The photos of her jumping-which are fabulous btw-go so well with the song playing on your blog - More Than Enough. What a precious family you have.

I'm so excited to see 3 posts!!! I just hope that life is just going so well for you right now. Hey, how is the thumb sucking going? Well, I'm off to go watch the elections. Talk to you soon my friend!

Candy Graber said...

Tonya, that is one beautiful little girl! Her face says so much, you can just see the sweetness that is Emma.