23 January, 2009

{crafts & chocolate...could a girl ask for more}

There are many, many reasons to adore Miss Cindy! She's funny, generous, sweet as honey, wise, Godly, and she loves the little girls! For Christmas she wanted to take the girlies {and their momma's} to paint pottery and then get some yummy dessert. You'd never know that Miss Cindy was a "boy momma" by the way she spoils these girls! She goes out of her way to make these little ladies know how much they mean to her...and they love her like crazy too!

Miss Cindy w/the girlies...Emma, Maggie & Ariel.

Emma & Miss Cindy

Miss Cindy & Ariel

Mags & Miss Cindy

Emma painting her box for treasures.

Me & Em

Maggie painting her heart box w/a ballerina on the lid.

Jean & Maggie

Ariel painting her heart box.

Ariel & Candy

The girls devouring their delicious, monstrous brownie a la mode!

Me & Mags making mean faces! I love that girl!

Thank you, Miss Cindy, for the awesome day! We love you!


Candy Graber said...

Those are great Tonya! Our Cindy is the sweetest thing ever!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Aww, how great. I just really enjoyed taking a peek at these photos. What a blessing to have someone in your life that treasures your kiddo's just as much as you. Don't you just want to be someone like that? So fun and cool and totally loving.

Jeano said...

I stole your pictures.

BTW. You showed Maggie how to make the mean face. I will tell her husband you did it.

Cindy Lou said...

Tonya, you captured it perfectly! We had such a great day, didn't we? Each one of those sweet little girls is pure "sugar and spice and everything nice". They are truly blessed to have beautiful Mommas "training them up in the way they should go".