04 February, 2009

{deal or no deal}

So yeah, I'm little behind on bloggin'...sorry 'bout that all my faithful readers! ;)

In case you didn't already know that I'm pretty bright and a quick learner, let me tell you a cheese story.

In a far away land, there was (for one week only) an amazing deal on cheese. This deal was briefly mentioned on a blog I visit, but it was my friend Shawna at Growing Blooms who shouted its worthiness. Then my friend Jean Lo'raine at Finding Jean, finally convinced me to trek to Dillons to bestow upon my family mounds and mounds of cheese.

Have a look-see for yourself:

{and yes, I know we totally need to defrost our freezer!}

Now for the thrilling part of this story...the money I spent and the money I saved!

My TOTAL for 95 packages of cheese {plus 5 boxes of granola bars that were also an amazing deal, a .99 bag of apples and a $1.49 container of Organic Baby Spring Mix} was $64.37.

My total SAVINGS on all that loot...ya ready for this?...$325.27!

$325.27 SAVINGS...are you kidding me!!!!

In case you're wondering if I've been converted to the ways of the thrifty and wise...YES, I HAVE!!! {and you should too!}


tuffy said...

that's a lot of cheese. you're going to get so constipated...

Candy Graber said...

Wow, you totally went to town on the cheese! Are you telling me you stood in front of that coupon dispenser and waited for 95 coupons!!!! You are the woman! I got irritated after 10! I was very excited when I came home with all my cheese as well, just a smaller bounty.

Rich said...

...constipation saves on toilet paper! My woman is thrifty!!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I think I just about died. That is so much cheese! If I had had the $ though, I would have scooped up that much. Whew! How awesome!!!