24 February, 2009

{can my favorite boy really be 5?!}

5 years ago tonight...

...I was cancelling my evening plans and frantically packing my hospital bag.

...I made plans for my wonderful father-in-law to stay w/Emma.

...I was afraid I couldn't love another baby as much as I loved my girl.

...I didn't know if I would remember how to deliver a baby again.

...I prayed my son wouldn't have to spend any time in the NICU since he was 5 weeks early.

...I knew our family was almost complete.

...I knew life would never be the same.

Little Man,

Tomorrow is your 5th birthday. 5! How did that happen so fast? I'm not ready for you to be 5 yet. It makes my heart sad to know that you're no longer a little boy who needs his momma to do most things for him. I wonder what you'll want to know about yourself when you read this someday. Will you care that you came into this world 5 weeks early? Will it matter to you that you weighed 6lbs 8oz? I don't think so! You'll want to know all the fun and silly things you did as a little guy. So, here are some of my favorite "Eli" moments so far:

  • You screeched like a bird when you first found your voice. Our home sounded like a wild bird sanctuary and people calling usually asked if we had a bird. Nope, it was you!
  • You greet every morning with a huge smile and end every night with a promise to "see you when the sunshine grows up".
  • You can't help but boogie whenever you hear music. It has never mattered where you were or what you were doing, if there's music playing, your booty's a-shakin'!
  • Everyone you meet is an instant friend...doesn't matter if they're young or old, they're your friend.
  • No one has ever cried alone when you're around.
  • You love with your whole heart and you give the greatest hugs!
  • You don't ever want to be a man or a dad. You just want to be my boy forever.

Eli, I love being your mom! I love how tender your little heart is and how much you love Jesus!

Happy birthday, Little Man! You're my favorite boy ever!


Jeano said...

Tonya, I am so thankful for Eli. He is a lightning rod of joy in our life. In our family, there is no closer brother. We love you Eli!!

Lynn said...

Happy birthday Eli!

I remember being so afraid when Rebekah was born that I couldn't love another child as much as Daniel - isn't it crazy to think about now? They are each so precious!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Happy Birthday Eli!

I know I'm a day late...but I hope it was a wonderful day. It's been so fun getting to know your crazy sweet little boy.

Anonymous said...


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