17 June, 2009

{8 things...}

A few weeks ago, my sweet, bloggin' friend, Jenny over at Zack's Gang, tagged me in a get-to-know-you type of list. So, here goes:

8 Things I am looking forward to...
1-seeing how God is going to work all this our for my family
2-selling our house and moving to Maple Hill
3-a date with my boyfriend...don't have one planned, just wish I did
4-finishing school
5-kickin' up my photography business
6-my kids going to school in the fall
8-my hair being long enough to pull up

8 Things I did yesterday...
1-spent quiet time w/Jesus
2-helped kids w/breakfast
3-taught a little school
4-cleaned house for a viewing
5-took kids to vbs
6-went to dinner w/my boyfriend
7-met couple from Manhattan w/broken down car in parking lot
8-played tic-tac-toe w/new friend Will

8 things I wish I could do...
1-say my house has sold
2-ease my parents burdens
3-travel to an exotic island w/my boyfriend
4-take my kids on a Disney cruise
5-wear a binkini...;)
6-wink w/out looking like an idiot
7-finish college
8-go on photographic vacation

8 shows I watch...
1-the news
2-Young & the Restless...guilty pleasure
3-First 48
5-Real Housewives of New Jersey...another guilty pleasure
6-The Office
7-Jon & Kate Plus 8
8-SpongeBob Square Pants

8 People Tagged...

Whew...that took forever! Thanks for tagging me Jenny...sorry it took me so long!


Lindsey said...

I had fun doing your '8 Things' game for myself! Thanks lady :) And you and your camera can have a date with my boy ANYTIME! :) He is pretty stinkin' cute, isn't he? And yes, those eyes are KILLER! He gets that from his momma!

Jenny said...

LOVE your new blog look! I'm happy you did the "8 things"- my motto is always "better late than never!" Hope your house showing went well the other night- I know how defeated you begin to feel!

Jenny said...

Hey Tonya! After seeing your new blog background, I headed over to their website and I LOVE IT! They have GREAT stuff- I'm so glad you found it! I'm still waiting for my sister to finish up my new blog design, and it's always fun to try something new, so I added one of their backgrounds- I found one that matched the header I already had! Yours really looks great!

Holly said...

I love these memes, they're always really interesting, if a little random!