02 June, 2009


Just a little somethin' to whet your appetite while I collect my thoughts enough to put together a coherent blog post...

You just gotta love this kid! We were going to my father-in-law's for dinner and the little man wanted his hair spikey...so he got spikey! I believe this is my new fave picture!


Jenny said...

his hair really looks great like that!! my son's sort of looks funny when we try to spike it- maybe we need some tips from you all?!

Tanya said...

Thanks for checking out my blog...I have been enjoying reading about the "other" Tanya out there in blog-land.

Love your son's spikey hair...that is my son Jack's new favorite thing to do. He has always had kind of a buzz cut, but now wants the top longer so he can have some spikes!

And my daughter loves American Girl too. How old are your kids...mine are 7 and 5.

I like your blog design and playlist too. Look forward to reading more about the "other" Tanya out there. :)

=) Tanya from Texas