28 June, 2009

{true love}

I was blessed to spend some time this past weekend in the home of the cutest couple in the history of the world. Vernon and Joy {who are my sweet friend, Cindy's, parents} have been married for 56 years and the love they have for each other is so very evident still. I came home w/a refreshed love for my boyfriend and a personal challenge to love him they way Joy loves Vernon.

Vernon and Joy live in a picturesque setting on a rural county lake. They took my girlfriends and me on a sunset boat ride around the lake...it was breathtaking! At one point, I glanced at Vernon just as he caught Joy's eye. The grin that spread across his face and the subtle lift of his eyebrows as he shared a secret moment with his bride made me feel like an intruder in their special second in time. I think I actually blushed a little!
So, how exactly do you go through the ups and downs of 56 years of marriage and still have a sparkle in your eye when you look at your spouse? What have Vernon and Joy done to ensure that their love and marriage will endure? I asked Vernon if I could send my husband to him for some lessons! I was only kidding...I think. ;) I need Joy to give me lessons on how to love my husband.
I know they'll never read this and I'm sure they don't think they're anything special, but just observing them and their interaction w/each other has had a lasting impact on this wife of almost 11 years. I want to have a marriage and relationship w/my husband that others are jealous of. I guess it starts with me...I better get off here and go smooch my boyfriend! ;)


Lindsey said...

Little secret...you DO have that relationship people are jealous over. Trust me ;)

Cindy Lou said...

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to show Mom and Dad your blog. It will bless them tremendously!