27 June, 2009

{the ugly truth}

We still haven't sold our house, but there is a single guy and a young, married couple who are very interested in it. We've been averaging about 3 showings each week...which is great. BUT, w/each showing I have had to scurry around getting things picked up and all the staging stuff set back up.

I've become a little anal about how the house looks when someone looks at it and I don't like that about myself. I mean, it's gotten to the point where I look at the pix I took right after our realtor staged the house and then meticulously go room by room and completely duplicate what she did. Very annoying and crazy! Each morning, the kids get their beds made and we begin our day w/a clean, picked up house. By mid-afternoon when a call comes in that someone wants to look at the house that evening, things aren't the way they should be. So, I turn into neurotic mom and set about in a frenzied manner to get the house looking perfect for the showing. I've never been a perfectionist about my house...I want my family to be comfortable in knowing they can really "live" in our home. So, this newly formed compulsion is not a proud admission of mine.

One day, I sent Em up to her room to pick up while I was sweeping. When she finished she ran outside to play. I got finished w/my stuff and told Em that I was going up to check her room. When I asked her if she was sure her room was ready, she asked me if I was going to yell at her if it wasn't perfect. Talk about convicting. Good grief, what have I become?!

Another thing I've found w/this process is that I'm not allowing my family to really "live" in our house right now. I won't let the kids get any art stuff out b/c I don't want them to make a mess. I've allowed them to watch way to much tv lately...again b/c if they're watching tv, they're not making a mess. UGH!!!

So, I have been trying my best to make a conscience effort to not get so worked up about the little things when it comes time to pick up for a showing. But I'll tell ya, it's hard! I'm just ready to be done w/this house. I'm ready to not have to have my house "show" ready at a moments notice.

That's the truth...and it's ain't pretty!


zachsgang said...

Oh, boy! You are describing exactly what I was going through for an entire year! This brings back horrible memories!! I'm so happy to hear you at least have some interest- that's more than we ever got! You're in my prayers!!

Dawn Estes said...

Been there; Done that. I am praying things start moving quickly for you!

augustefamily said...

I have definitely been praying about you and your house. I still thinking about the painting we were doing at the same time!