01 December, 2008

I would like to thank the academy...

I've been given 2 fabulous awards by super sweet
Mandi at Miss(es) Canadian Pie. She is just a sugar and my first blog-world friend. I'm sure if we lived close to each other we'd be great friends. She's super creative and so stinkin' cute too! Be sure to swing by her blog and say hi!

So now it's up to me to nominate some of you gals. Here are some rockin' blogs that I'm totally lovin'!

1. Jean at Finding Jean. Jean's my bff in real life. You'll come away from her blog laughing and maybe with a little pee in your pants. You'll thank me for that warning later, I promise.

2. Angie at Bring the Rain. Take a tissue and be prepared to bawl your eyes out. God has gifted Angie with the gift of writing and she is not letting Him down. Her stories are thought provoking, heart wrenching and sometimes gut busting. AND she's married to Todd who sings w/Selah...hello, can you say amazing voice! I think if I knew Angie in real life, I couldn't be friends w/her b/c she's so stinkin' cute. I try not to have friends that are cuter than me! ;)

3. Courtney at cjanerun. She has an amazing way with words. She's also about the most generous person ever...she took in 2 nieces and a nephew after her sister and brother-in-law were in a horrific plane crash in Aug. Be sure to check out her blog and pray for her family. God is working miracles and it's awesome!

4. Mckmama at my charming kids. Wanna read about God's love her us? Wanna see living proof of a miracle? Wanna have your faith renewed? Go visit Mckmama. Don't forget to take a tissue.

5. Amanda at Baby Bangs. Amanda is the oldest daughter of Beth Moore. She is so incredibly gifted w/words just like her Momma. She also has the cutest little man and is preggers w/a baby girl. She writes from her heart and it comes across the screen like you were sitting across a table from her enjoying a steamy cup of hot chocolate{it's cold in KS today} and visiting with an old friend. Stop by Amanda's blog sometime.

Here are the rules girls....

1. Post the award on your blog

2. Link me for giving it to you

3. Link back to the originating post nominating you

4. Pass the award on to 5 more deserving people

5. Post these rules for your recipients

The 2nd award:

With this award, I'm to list 6 things y'all may not know about me and then pass the award on to 6 other deserving blogs.

So, here ya go:
#1- I am a middle child! Middle children seem to get a bad rap, but I think we get screwed! Just kidding, that's what a middle child would say! ;)

#2- I HATE frogs! Don't know why, just hate 'em. If you ever try to force me to look at, touch or be near a frog, you will be forever removed from my list of friends...not kidding.

#3- I have abnormally small hands. Got it from my dad's side of the family. I can wear children's gloves and can't reach an octave on the piano.

#4- I like to have secret affairs with Ben & Jerry. Please don't tell Rich...I'm not willing to give them up.

#5- I love to drive! If I didn't have a life here, I'd be happy to live in an RV and drive across the country.

#6- I hate the taste of yellow play-dough...especially at 1am.

Now, for the blogs I'm passing the award on to:
1- Chrissie at flipflops & applesauce She's got some amazing ideas of ways to interact w/your kids that go above just reading a book or coloring a picture. She had even created several coloring books that you can purchase. Crazy cool!

2- Nicol at Our Cozy Nest. Her home looks like it's ready for a Better Homes & Garden spread. Seriously, so cute AND she's made or revamped tons of her decor and furniture herself. It helps that she's about the sweetest thing in Utah!

3- Jody at Nitty.Gritty. Jody creates amazing stuff for some big wig paper crafting people. She also has a truly heart-wrenching story and she's quick to give God all the glory for carrying her and her family through all the ugliness. Her and her hubby have 6 of the most adorable babies ever! Seriously, she does more crafty stuff w/her kiddos than I've ever dreamed of doing w/my 2...AND one of those kiddos is a tiny baby! If she wasn't so sweet and fun, it'd be easy to hate her! ;)

4- Candy at No Room to Swing a Cat. How funny is that name?! Candy is one of my real life friends. From trying different recipes to making slip covers, Candy certainly got the creative bug in our group of friends. She just moved into this adorable house that's she's dyin' to put her adorable touch on so her adorable family can prepare to welcome another adorable baby. Stop by and say hi!

5- Dawn at lil bit of nothing. I also know Dawn in real life and she's super creative. She makes all sorts of awesome stuff w/card stock and stamps. She also runs a home daycare and does awesome projects w/her kiddos.

6- Cindy at Skip To My Lou. Cindy is another super creative mom who has awesome ideas of things to do w/your kiddos. Her blog is so fun too. You'll be filled w/inspiration after visiting her blog.


Amanda said...

Thanks, Tonya! I'm honored to get this fun award from you! Words of affirmation are my love language, so you made my day. Thanks again, sister!

Dawn Estes said...

Aaawww - thanks for the award! (guess that means I should actually work at updating my blog, huh?!) Off to go pass it on!