01 December, 2008

The post of all posts...

Yeah, I know! I haven't posted in FOREVER! But, in my defense, I've been crazy busy with school, editing pictures and designing a new church directory. Anyway, let's see if my memory is good enough to remember all the great stuff that I haven't blogged about.

Oh, here's the greatest thing that's happened in the last few weeks...Eli is a CHRISTIAN! How cool is that?! Our church has a fall VBS and a few weeks ago Eli asked Jesus to come live in his heart! On the way home we were talking about it and Eli asked Emma what Pastor Steve said he was now that he(Eli) did that. Emma said "you're a Christian". So, Eli proceeded to yell...about a million times..."I'M A CHRISTIAN! I'M A CHRISTIAN!" Then he turned to me and asked "Mom, what's a Christian?" It was hilarious! When we got home he wanted to call my parents and tell them that he was a Christian now like them. I could just eat that boy up he's so sweet!


We still haven't caught that blasted little varmint that's running around my kitchen! I don't know what the deal it, but I've had about enough of this stupid thing. Anyone have any tried and true mouse killing advice? Please don't tell PETA!


Thanksgiving was another super special time for our family. The kids and I made a cornucopia of thankfulness {at least that's what I called it}. It was just some scrapbook paper rolled into a cone w/craft sticks inside so you can write what you're thankful for. The kids had a blast! Eli got to use a paper punch and let me tell ya, he LOVED it. Loved it so much that he's still picking up teensy pieces of paper that he punched! I've been visiting this amazing blog of things to do w/your kiddos and let me tell ya, this girl is an awesome mom. Be sure to check her out, she's super fun! flipflops and applesauce

We spent Thanksgiving morning w/Rich's Dad and sister's family. Rich's aunt Naomi was also here from Alaska for her good friends funeral. So, it was great to see Naomi, but super sad why she was here.

We went to my parents for the afternoon and evening. My mom always has the most amazing food...I think I'm still full! My Mamaw and grandpa George were there, as well as my Grandma Mitchell. There were 4 loud children running around so it was hard to really visit w/them. {ok, there were really only 2 loud children running around...Eli and Lilly can make some noise!} Our ears did get a reprieve when the kids all jumped in the hot tub...ahhhh, blessed silence! I was going to go out and take some pictures, but it was too stinkin' cold and I didn't want to get splashed. Mom, Dad, Travis, Christy, Rich and I were finally able to get a game of cards in once the kids were out and dried off. I love, love, love playing cards w/my family! I usually totally suck at cards, but I'm not ashamed to say that I rocked at the one we played Thanksgiving night. It was called Oh Rats and please don't ask me how to play it b/c yes, I've already forgotten. That's my problem, I've played all sorts of card games, but I forget how to play them. Then when I play them again it takes me a while to catch back on to the game. I'm also a pretty sore loser and my family is full of a bunch of smart aleks(sp?) and pouters...we all hate to lose and love to let everyone know when we're winning! It's a great combo! We seriously had a great time!


Black Friday Shopping! My alarm went off at 3:20am. {yikes!} I met my bff at Walmart at 4:10am. {yikes again!} I was back home w/almost all my Christmas shopping done by 9:30am. {not too bad} I was asleep in my bed at about 10:30am. {hallelujah!}

I'm not exactly sure what it is I love about Black Friday b/c it goes against everything I claim to be about. I hate large crowds, I don't even really like to shop and I hate how Christmas has become so commercialized. But I still drug my sleepy self out of bed just to throw myself into the very mess I so despise.

This was about the 3rd or 4th year I've gone and it was the worst. I was shocked at how rude, inconsiderate and just plain hateful some of the people were that morning. I've truly never seen anything like it. It really made me sad to see and hear all the ugliness. I pray I don't ever let a "good deal" turn me into someone so ugly.

Oh yeah, I saw a kid walking very calmly towards the bathroom w/puke on his shirt and face. Then he puked all over the floor. I about died!!!

OK, this post is getting entirely too long! I'm gonna end it now and start a new post about some awesome blog awards I've recently received!

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Rosemary said...


The Rat Zapper! We use this at work (an animal shelter) to control our pest problem. We have a lot due to all the dog/cat food and fecal matter, and this seems to do a great job in the common areas. Good luck!