23 December, 2008

{a little chirstmas cheer}

A few weeks ago, the kids made these adorable candy sleds to give to their friends. Chrissie over at flipflops & applesauce had made them w/her girls. She's got some super fun ideas of things to do w/your kiddos...and she's sweet as honey!

Emma has been making this kid-friendly treat since she was old enough to unwrap a Hershey's Kiss. It's so easy to make and the kids LOVE them...so do the big people! Just lay the tiny pretzel twists on the baking sheet, place a Kiss on top, then pop them in a warm over just long enough for the kisses to soften. Then push an M&M down into the melted Kiss. I then pop the whole thing in the freezer for a few minutes to harden. Then enjoy the fruits of your kids' labor! {my super cool, hairstylist makes another version of these using the square waffle-like pretzles and rolos...doesn't that sounds sinfully delicious?!}

{the best part is getting to lick your fingers when you're finished!}

{Em & Eli posing w/their creation!}

{a few goofy egyptians!}

Today, we're frosting the gingerbread and sugar cookies we made yesterday! Should be a fun, sugar-filled day!


LauraB said...

Hmmm... this may be what we end up doing for the adult's Christmas gifts this year. Thanks Tonya for the idea. We are seriously strapped for cash (as is everyone else) so I may run to the $1 store, pick up some containers and we may be making Christmas pretzelly candy to give. :)

Tonya said...

I hear ya! I think they'd be a perfectly fine gift...you can NEVER go wrong w/chocolate!

BTW...I hated not getting to see you when y'all were in town. When ya comin' back? ;)