24 December, 2008

{we interrupt this normally very serious and proper blog with a bit of inappropriate humor}

Let me set the stage for you a little. I was deep into my morning devotional time this morning. The house was quiet. Rich and the kids were asleep. The sun was still hidden and the ground was covered in a fine layer of freshly fallen snow. Suddenly, the joyous sounds coming from Emma's room alerted me to the fact that my offspring had risen from their slumber. Their laughter filled the air and I could faintly make out what they were talking and laughing about. Then in his sweet, little 4yr old voice, my favorite boy ever said, "Emma, I just farted 2 times!" Followed by much laughter. I knew instantly that my precious communion time w/Jesus had come to a rather abrupt halt.

Why are farts so funny? They really are quite gross. But, boy, are they funny! I'm sure not all families are like this, but my family thinks farts are some of the funniest things ever! I grew up in a family where one little slip of a toot could double an entire family over in gut-busting laughter. Of course, there was also the endless games of Pull My Finger...who can resist! Now, it seems Rich and I are raising our beloved children to appreciate the fine art which is tooting.

When I was in high school, our art class took a trip to the Nelson-Atkins art gallery in Kansas City and we were able to walk around the Plaza for awhile too. My friends, Kerry & Heather, and I made a stop in the public bathroom on the Plaza. Unbeknownst to us, there was a lone tooter already in there. We each went into a stall and that's when the assailant started firing. Since us girls were very mature teenagers, we didn't just bust out laughing...well not right away, we truly tried to keep it in. You know that laugh that just keeps building up and bursts through your lips in little spurts...that's what we did until we were all three laughing so hard tears were dripping from our eyes.

When Rich and I were dating we went to this newly organized church in Manhattan. It met in the gym of a school and had metal folding chairs...no big deal, it was quite cozy. The service was a little different than any church service I'd been in before, so there were some uncomfortable moments and Rich was totally out of his element. Until the baby next to us let out the loudest toot in babydom during prayer time. We, being the mature adults we were, did the "whole body jiggling" laugh and stared straight ahead to prevent the full on "fall to your knees" laugh that comes when you're in a situation where you want to die laughing and know you will if you make eye contact with your partner in crime. We never went back to that church.

I could go on and on w/toot stories, but instead I'll leave you with a few "make me pee my pants" videos from youtube.

Farting in Bed...welcome to my world

Wedding Vows...so funny

Blind Date...introduced to us by our Manhattan friends, the Carson's, who think farts are funny too

Farting Preacher 5...hello!

Jurassic Fart...let's not leave the kids out

Jurassic Fart 2

I hope I never grow to old, pretentious or stuffy to get a good laugh from the gas we pass!


Anonymous said...

Since no one has left a comment yet on this particular BLOG...let me have the pleasure of being the first!! I have to say that having someone else/another family in life that enjoys the laughter that farts can bring can be my friend anytime!!!

Anonymous said...


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